Demo 2011

by Distance

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Recorded with Matt Taylor in Newcastle in August 2011.


released August 8, 2011



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Distance Newcastle, Australia

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Track Name: Running
I've tried to change but I'm wasting away.
Terrified by myself for feeling this way.
I tend to pretend more than I'd like to admit.
These days I just keep breathing and stomach the hate.
And It's been so long, I haven't learned a thing.
I'm just fucking up again.
It's raining out my window and inside my head.
I can barely move my fingers I'm freezing to death.
I find that most nights I break down in my sleep.
I guess I'll just keep breathing and grinding my teeth.
If I could shake the weight that this fucking world drags down.
My back's about to break, I'd run away and save myself from this empty town.
Till my lungs give out on me.
Heavy hearts don't stop beating, just hurts more to say.
Exactly what I'm feeling, I'm fading away.
Track Name: Lonesome
I don't feel like I belong, I haven't for so damn long.
Find it hard to right my wrongs, so I'll write more lonely songs.
Writing down what I have done, in my twenty five trips around the sun.
Walk In circles on my own, and it feels so wrong.
I could have been one of the great ones, I'm lonesome.
This beating in my chest has broken, I'm choking on this.
And It hurts me so bad, these words my hanging noose.
And I can't afford to loose, anymore time on you.
Track Name: Sea Legs
Lately I've been wondering about you, where you've been, where you'll go, who you've seen, are you alone.
It seems that I've forgotten all about you, and these pains, replacing all that I knew.
It takes all my energy to say nothing, it hurts my head.
Please stay far away from me, pretend I'm dead.
This time I'm not coming home, I'm running for the hills, I'm on my own.
No silence from my telephone, just leave me the fuck alone.
Can you tell me what all this means, my hearts grown sick of being on my sleeve.
Track Name: Distance
There's never enough light in this room, I'm thinking about you.
Photographs in frames I knew, and empty shoes.
This distance keeps me arrogant, I'm drifting so far.
Truth splits me like an arrow head on the back of a post card.
Listening to the same old tired songs, I have been for so long.
It's three in the morning and my mind is racing.
And it's getting cold, it hits me harder than anything.
I'm all alone, so far from feeling whole and comfortable anymore.
Track Name: Hearts
She's like the wind, I cant hide anything. She's like fire on my skin, head's so tired, heart's caving in. I've lost control of everything I had a hold of.
Everything I know, all seems to be forgotten. This heart of stone, struggling its best to hold on, but I'm letting go, I'll see you when I hit the bottom.